Library Fees and Charges


Library card
Library card replacement
ISK 1.800
ISK    600

Overdue charges for books on a monthly loan, per day         
Overdue charges for books on a short-term loan, per day

ISK       40
ISK     100

Replacement charge for lost items – market value or assessed value     


Room hire

Individual reading room, per week
Key deposit, refunded when key is returned



ISK 1.000
ISK 1.000

Group study room, per half-day
Group study room, per day
ISK 200
ISK 400


Interlibrary loans*

Books obtained from libraries within Iceland 
Books obtained from Nordic libraries
Books obtained from abroad, outside the Nordic countries



ISK 1.200
ISK 2.400
ISK 3.600

Photocopy, article 1-20 pages
Photocopy express service, article 1-20 pages

Photocopy, article 21 pages or more
Photocopy express service, article 21 pages or more

ISK 1.200
ISK 2.400

ISK 2.400
ISK 4.800


Photocopying and printing, per page
Faxing, per page
Scanning, per page

ISK 10
ISK 20
ISK   3

*University of Iceland students pay half price for books and articles, but full price for express services. University of Iceland employees do not pay for interlibrary loans intended for teaching and research.


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