Submission of theses

A student is required to deposit an electronic edition of his final thesis in the digital repository of all Icelandic universities. The thesis needs to be accompanied by a declaration on how the thesis is supposed to be handled. See further instructions.

When handing in a final thesis in Skemman first choose 'Submit your work - Click here' - then choose 'University of Iceland' and enter your username and password. Username and password for is the same as to Choose the appropriate Collection; Menntavísindasvið: 'B.A./B.Ed./B.S. verkefni' [B.A./B.Ed/.BS thesis],' meistaraprófsritgerðir' [Masters thesis]  or 'Doktorsritgerðir' [Phd. thesis] and choose type 'Thesis'. Press 'Begin Submission' and fill in the form that follows. Instructions are on every page. In step two you are required to upload your thesis. Here you also need to upload the aforementioned declaration. Please note that files need to be in PDF-format.

When you have finished handing in the thesis you can see your work in Skemman under 'My Submitted Items' and that it is pending acceptance. You will get an email that confirms that the thesis has been handed in and is pending review.

What to do with the email?
B.a./B.ed./ B.s. students: The email is to be forwarded to
Masters students: The email is to be forwarded according to instruction on how to hand in a master thesis found in Ugla.

If there are any problems in delivering the thesis, i.e. if a pdf-file is corrupt or some information is missing, the author will be notified that his work has been rejected and information on what needs to be improved before resubmission is supplied.

Final review of the work is administered after the students have graduated and the thesis will not be available online until after that.
If there are any problems regarding Skemman you can send an email to or contact library staff (Gunnhildur, tel: 525 5927 or Anna Kristín, tel: 525 5932).

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