Holding the space : evaluation report

TitillHolding the space : evaluation report
Form útgáfuBók
HöfundarHervör Alma Árnadóttir, Jakob Frímann Þorsteinsson, Karen Rut Gísladóttir
Number of Pages50 s.
LykilorðKennsluaðferðir, Reflect

Project REFLECT is funded by the EC Erasmus+ Programme through the National Agency of Lithuania. The partner organisations are: Vilnius University, Kitokie Projektai (both from Lithuania), University of Padua, Kamaleonte (both from Italy), University of Iceland, Askorun (both from Iceland), LUCA School of Arts and Outward Bound Belgium (both from Belgium).

Reflection is recognised in both formal and non-formal education as one of the most important transferable competences in learning processes, especially for personal and professional learning. However, research paradoxically shows that the quality of reflection in both educationalsettings can be moderate to poor. This is not due to inadequate reflection methods as such (many methods have been developed

and/or refined since the turn of the century), but mainly to insufficient learning conditions in which the reflection method is applied.

Part of the Reflect Project was a Training that included a Testing phase. The aim of this report is to summarise what was done in the testing phase, reflect on the test projects and draw some conclusions that can help the partners to answer the main research question: “How do we become better facilitators of the reflective process?”

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