Stylistic Fronting and Related Constructions in the Insular Scandinavian Languages

TitillStylistic Fronting and Related Constructions in the Insular Scandinavian Languages
Form útgáfuBókarkafli
HöfundarÁsgrímur Angantýsson
EditorHöskuldur Þráinsson, Heycock, C, Petersen, HP, Hansen, ZSvabo
BókarheitiSyntactic variation in Insular Scandinavian
ÚtgefandiAmsterdam University Press
ISBN Number9789027208569
LykilorðCase, Construction (Linguistics), Fallbeyging, Færeyska, Germönsk mál, Íslenska, Linguistic change, Málþróun, Scandinavian languages -- Syntax, Setningafræði, Skandinavía, Söguleg málvísindi, Variation

This book presents the latest research on the syntax of the "Insular Scandinavian" languages (Faroese and Icelandic), with contributions from thirteen experts, and a significant introductory chapter by the four editors. The topics covered include some that have figured extensively in recent literature on Scandinavian syntax and its implications for syntactic theory: case, agreement, embedded clause word order, stylistic fronting, and the nature of "expletive" constructions. The volume is conceived around the topic of variation, both within and between the two languages studied-as well as more generally-and stands out for the wealth of new empirical detail from both Faroese and Icelandic, relating to each of the topics and theoretical issues discussed. Each chapter is written in a way to make it accessible to a wide audience within linguisticsthe book will be essential reading for students and researchers with an interest in the syntax of the Germanic languages

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